Irakli Bochorishvili – an artist, a designer, a founder and owner of a studio-workshop “Shoesofrenia”.

After having graduated Tbilisi Artistic Academy painting class, for several years Irakli worked as a designer at a joint Georgian-Italian shoe production factory.                  

Having mastered all subtleties of the shoemaking, he decided to found his own workshop. In 2002 the workshop was set up and in 2007 a brand “Shoesofrenia” was created.                    Shoes made in “Shoesofrenia” are easily recognizable in streets or shops.                                                      

 Everything, starting from sketch to the final polishing, is performed in the workshop manually, with absorption of warmth of human hands and a brilliance of fantasy. Here Georgian traditional method that entails 100% manual performance is merged with modern tendencies and developments. The material used is of the highest quality leather. It is impossible not to fall immediately in love with those shoes – they dictate, underscore, shade, jealously capture attention by their unostentatious, noble difference.        

“Shoesofrenia” has been sold already in shops of London, Moscow, St Petersburg and Vienna. Individual orders arereceived from many countries and the brand’s popularity has been dramatically increased, which is facilitated by numerous joint projects with prominent designers both Georgian and foreign.